(Seattle, WA, Monday, August 3, 2020) – As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spike across the country, with tens of thousands of new cases every day, philanthropist Bill Gates urges people to follow public health guidance. With scientists and medical researchers accelerating their work to develop new diagnostics, treatments, and vaccines, Gates is optimistic about the prospect of reopening America safely if we all work together.

The economic impact of COVID-19 is creating its own strain on American families and workers. Schools are grappling with the question of how to reopen safely, and the pandemic is worsening existing inequities in our country and around the world. Right now, following public health guidance can help keep Americans safe and healthy.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, along with governments, scientists, doctors, and many other philanthropies, is working on COVID-19 response efforts. Since February, it has committed more than $350 million to the global response, including funding for medical research efforts to develop effective treatments and vaccines.

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