(Washington, D.C., Thursday, April 11, 2019) – With Tax Day around the corner, now is a great time for your listeners to take stock of their finances.

The new tax law opened a lot of people’s eyes to the need to better plan for 2019 and beyond. Either so they don’t get hit with a big tax bill or – more likely – have a better sense of what they should set aside for taxes.

  • Tax time also means people have combed through their financial lives of the past year and have various financial documents handy. So now is a perfect time to gather them together and use them as the foundation for developing a financial plan.
  • Certified Financial Planner professionals are uniquely trained to help consumers pull together those disparate documents and forms and create a plan that’s bespoke for the consumer.

Last year saw sweeping changes in our Federal Income Tax Laws, but this year we will be living in real time with the ramifications of those new laws. In light of all that change, below are five key issues to pay especially close attention to this tax season:

  1. Expect delays due to new forms;
  2. Don’t be shocked if your typical results are vastly different this year;
  3. Consider your state or city income tax changes;
  4. Planning for 2019 taxes should start now; and
  5. See your advisor as early as possible.

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