(Oakland, CA, Monday, July 27, 2020) – For parents, students and teachers this back-to-school season presents many unique challenges. Whether they are preparing to head back to the classroom or for virtual learning at home, there is an abundant need for school supplies.

To help ease the burden and provide supplies for teachers to set their students up for success wherever they’re learning, The ClearTheList Foundation will resume for 2020 back-to-school season to help clear the school supply wish lists of thousands of teachers across the country, thanks to a donation from Clorox who is supporting the initiative by committing $1,000,000 to help teachers and parents in need.

According to new survey data nearly 51% of educators are worried that their students may have trouble accessing the school supplies they need, and 90% will purchase supplies out of their own pocket – spending an average of $405.

ClearTheList founder and teacher, Courtney Jones, discusses this partnership, and shares information on how people can help provide supplies to teachers, how teachers can submit their list and what additional supplies will be needed for classrooms and at home.

Courtney Jones is the Founder and Executive Director of the ClearTheList Foundation, a non-profit that connects schools and teachers with corporations, organizations, and community members that are looking to contribute to the enhancement of learning opportunities for all students. She is an elementary school teacher, public speaker, and has been featured on the TODAY Show, Business Insider, and other national and local publications for the viral #ClearTheList movement she created in 2019.

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