(Las Vegas, Tuesday, January 8, 2019) – At CES 2019, Microsoft and its partners are showcasing a wide variety of intelligent edge devices and solutions that empower and secure modern lives and workplaces and what it believes will be the biggest trends in innovation in the New Year.

Here’s the trends they’re seeing:

Modern PC Experiences

Consumers will no longer have to choose between durability, design, and battery life as they search for the perfect PC. There are a growing number of sleek and affordable laptops that are secure, easy to use to work online, offline, print, present and play that give you all the power and performance you expect from Windows. In addition, people’s phones and computers are more connected than ever and let you get the best of Microsoft in the palm of your hand, like the Windows “Your Phone” app.

Connectivity Everywhere

Where LTE was once “nice to have,” more and more users are seeing the benefits of being always connected to what is important to them, both at home and at work.  The investments Microsoft and partners are making in connected computing are transforming work and life and Microsoft firmly believes that fast, affordable, and ubiquitous cellular connectivity, driven by 4G and 5G, will become core to the way people work and live.

The Power of Gaming Comes to New Audiences

Gaming PCs and laptops are becoming more powerful than ever before and are built for not only Gamers, but also creators. Windows 10 gaming PCs offer incredible power and graphics for more than just gamers and Microsoft’s partner ecosystem is unique in its ability to drive innovation at a rapid pace, and to bring innovative devices to new customers. At CES 2019, you’ll see thin and light PCs that feature some of the most powerful processors and innovations

New Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions will Transform Retail

New IoT solutions are transforming retail, from the experience’s customers have online and in store, to the way that retailers run and manage their businesses. For example, Microsoft and its partners are featuring retail solutions at CES like Skip Frictionless Checkout, which lets shoppers scan and purchase products with an app on their phone – no waiting in line to check-out. And the Mobiliya Asset Tracking Solution improves operational efficiencies, increases visibility and enhances supply chain management.

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