(Tel Aviv, Israel, Tuesday, September 29, 2020) – The global health crisis and subsequent corporate office closures have forever changed how the world works. There has been an acceleration, fast-forwarding the future of work in ways that have stress-tested businesses’ abilities to blend people and technology to maintain productivity. At the same time, they have been forced, like never before, to protect the health and well-being of employees. Technology has played a key role in ensuring this new remote workforce remains in touch, in-the-know and supported.

Fiverr recently announced the official launch of Fiverr Business™. A platform that is designed for corporate teams and departments to collaborate with each other while managing projects with freelance talent and will be subscription-based.

Businesses are ramping up their use of freelance talent to augment their teams and build agile scalability. Fiverr conducted a recent survey of over 2,000 businesses globally and found 52% of the businesses say they are allocating more budget to freelance services. While the pandemic will eventually subside, it remains clear that the notion of remote work and utilizing on demand freelance talent is here to stay.

Benefits of this new platform include:

  • Access a curated freelancer supply, with an additional level of quality assurance;
  • Exclusive access to Fiverr’s world-class dedicated 24/7 personal executive assistant for account setup, freelance talent matching and other white glove services;
  • Project management tools to create new projects, manage upcoming orders and organize your team around shared goals and tasks;
  • Control and track budget approval and project status, manage groups and reporting through governance and administration tools; and
  • Ability to create the team’s secret black book of trusted freelancers the organization likes working with and privately share it with team members.

Fiverr is an online marketplace that is changing how the world works together. Fiverr’s platform connects businesses with on-demand freelance talent offering digital services in more than 400 categories, across 8 verticals including graphic design, digital marketing, programming, video and animation.

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