(Harrisburg, PA, Wednesday, June 3, 2020) – The June 2 primary is a test run for the general election and will be held within ongoing concerns of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pennsylvania is holding its primary election in the middle of a pandemic and a civil uprising. PA is holding an election amidst an unprecedented situation including voting during a pandemic, curfews amid mass protests, transportation shutdown and heavy military presence at polling places.

Primary day in Pennsylvania will give insight to what improvements the Governor and Department of State need to make to ensure a safe, secure, and fair election in November amid uncertainties around COVID-19 and the reemergence of influenza season converging during that time.

All Voting is Local has worked to ensure that Pennsylvanians were aware of the new no-excuse option to request a mail-in ballot prior to the primary.

All Voting is Local Pennsylvania fights to eliminate discriminatory barriers to the ballot before Election Day. As Pennsylvania works to carry out voting reforms while rolling out new voting equipment commonwealth-wide in 2020, All Voting is Local Pennsylvania is fighting to ensure that polling places are staffed with trained poll workers and solid back-up plans in case of technology problems. They are fighting last minute polling place changes and advocating for elections officials to do more to ensure voters have the information they deserve to cast a ballot that counts. All Voting is Local Pennsylvania also works to ensure that people in jail can register and vote, as is required by law.

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