(Washington D.C., Monday, May 6, 2019) – During Older Americans Month, we recognize and celebrate the valuable contributions seniors make to our Nation, while helping those who have spent decades providing for the next generation live a healthy and fulfilled life.

In their second chapters, America’s seniors continue to play a critical role in our society by sharing their talents, wisdom, and time. Older Americans support their families and neighbors, mentor future generations, and volunteer for organizations that shape our communities.

An independent report recently released by the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS), the federal agency for volunteering and service, provides evidence that consistent volunteering can improve the health and well-being of people age 55 and older.

According to the research, Senior Corps volunteers report much higher self-rated health scores (84 percent), which is considered a valid marker of actual health, compared to older adults in similar circumstances who do not volunteer.

A companion study determined that caregivers found the assistance of Senior Companions beneficial (76 percent) and for some, the respite provided by a volunteer even improved their health (40 percent).There are 220,000 Senior Corps volunteers currently making a difference in their communities.

Older Americans play critical roles in helping support their adult children, grandchildren, and extended families. They work and volunteer for businesses and organizations that drive our economy and serve our communities.  Most importantly, our senior citizens mentor future generations and instill core American values in them. Their guidance preserves the invaluable lessons of the past.

Our elders have an unprecedented opportunity to make a difference in our communities by sharing their talents, wisdom, and time. America’s seniors give back in a myriad of ways, working with children in our schools, providing assistance to the sick and shut-in, and inventing new and innovative products. They have made our Nation stronger through their experience, knowledge, and willingness to share with others.

More information is available at seniorcorps.gov/healthyvolunteers.



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