New Survey from American Psychological Association on Americans’ Job Concerns for the Future

October 24, 2017

Nearly Half of American Workers are Concerned About the Changing Nature of Work

David W. Ballard, PsyD, MBA, director, APA’s Center for Organizational Excellence

(Washington D.C., Tuesday, October 24, 2017) – The American Psychological Association (APA) has released its “2017 Job Skills Training and Career Development Survey.”

  • Nearly half of American workers are concerned about the changing nature of work and, although most report that they have the skills they need to perform their current job well, prospects for the future look dire for employees who lack supervisor support.  
  • Employee growth and development is a key element of a psychologically healthy workplace, but it’s often overlooked in employers’ workplace well-being efforts.
  • For employees whose supervisors do not support and encourage their career development, only 15 percent say they their employer provides opportunities for them to develop the technical skills they will need in the future.
  • The survey also found differences between how men and women view their opportunities for training and career development, with women faring worse than men.

APA’s Center for Organizational Excellence works to enhance the functioning of individuals, groups, organizations and communities through the application of psychology to a broad range of workplace issues. The center, which also houses APA’s Psychologically Healthy Workplace Awards, works to engage the employer community, raise public awareness about the value psychology brings to the workplace and promote programs and policies that enhance employee well-being and organizational performance.

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