(Washington D.C., Tuesday, July 21, 2020) – As some businesses begin to reopen across the nation the dire unemployment situation seems here to stay.  Older workers are especially caught in the crossfire, since many need the income, but also fear for their health and a second wave of the virus.

With extended unemployment benefits set to expire July 31, whether Congress will step up with more help for struggling Americans remains unclear. There is help for people navigating the job market, those fearful of losing a job, and older workers who need to protect themselves from age discrimination so they can continue their careers.

Susan Weinstock, Vice President of Financial Resilience, weighs in on what can help unemployed and underemployed Americans at this time, including:

  • What steps to take if you’re unemployed right now, or think you may lose your job soon;
  • How to compete in a crowded job market;
  • How to age-proof your resume;
  • Where to find jobs that are work-from-home friendly;
  • How to navigate emergency unemployment benefits and what to expect next;
  • Employer support for employees returning to the workplace;
  • Weinstock can also discuss the unique problems older workers face in the new marketplace, and how many will struggle to rebound financially.

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