(Washington, D.C., Thursday, July 23, 2020) – Americans have recently been reminded just how persistent the coronavirus is. There has been a spike in cases in several parts of the country, unemployment remains high as companies struggle to figure out next steps, and families have struggled with everything from loss of money to loss of life.

AARP’s coronavirus resources are available at aarp.org/coronavirus. AARP’s job searching tool: https://jobs.aarp.org.

President of AARP Foundation Lisa Marsh Ryerson offers help and advice to those who have been most severely impacted by the pandemic and who are looking to get back to work and recover financially and emotionally. She can answer questions, such as:

– From your research, which groups have been hit hardest by the effects of the pandemic?

– Unemployment and underemployment are still big issues. What advice can you provide to workers looking to reenter the job market now?

– How people can help family and community members suffering from loneliness and social isolation?

– How people can help each other through the emotional stress of the COVID-19 crisis?

– What resources are available for people or families in need of necessities?

AARP Foundation works to end senior poverty by helping vulnerable older adults build economic opportunity and social connectedness. As AARP’s charitable affiliate, we serve AARP members and nonmembers alike. Bolstered by vigorous legal advocacy, we spark bold, innovative solutions that foster resilience, strengthen communities and restore hope.

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