Analysis on Implementing a New Infrastructure Initiative and the Effect on Public Transportation

September 3, 2018

President Trump Has Discussed the Urgent Need to Invest in the Nation’s Crumbling Infrastructure, Including Rails, Highways and Bridges

Richard A. White, Acting President & CEO, APTA

With President Trump asking for a one trillion dollar infrastructure package during his recent speech to Congress, infrastructure investment is crucial to create a new program of national rebuilding.

The American Public Transportation Association has released new analysis into how local communities will be impacted if the Administration and Congress move forward with implementing a new infrastructure initiative.  It shows that if one trillion dollars is invested in America’s transportation infrastructure, as proposed by the Administration and Congress, the current federal transportation formula allocations allows for 20% of that funding to go to investments in public transportation.

President Trump has discussed the urgent need to invest in the nation’s crumbling infrastructure, including rails, highways and bridges. It is important that Congress and the Administration ensure that public transit is a part of any infrastructure initiative moving forward. 

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