The Virtual Reality Experience Just Got an Upgrade

March 16, 2016

The Vive Consumer Edition is the First Complete VR Solution

Dan O’Brien, VP of Virtual Reality, HTC

(San Francisco, CA, Wednesday, March 16, 2016) Today from the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, HTC, a pioneer in innovative smart technologies, in partnership with Valve revealed that more than 30 developers and titles will be available on Steam VR for its Vive virtual reality (VR) system.  Vive will begin shipping on April 5.

Continuing to build upon the many advancements Vive has brought to VR – including chaperone, front-facing camera and full-room scale VR – the recently announced consumer edition introduces Vive Phone Services, an innovative new standard in virtual reality that enables you to stay connected to the real world. By integrating key smartphone features directly into the headset, Vive allows you to receive and respond to both incoming and missed calls, get text messages, and send quick replies, and check your calendar.

The Vive consumer edition is the first complete VR solution and includes two wireless VR controllers, room scale movement sensors, and a Head Mounted Display featuring a built in camera. In addition, the integration of SteamVR into the bundle ensures that all Vive equipment stays up-to-date with the latest features. 

For a limited time, the Vive consumer edition will ship with three VR experiences, including:

  • Job Simulator:  The 2050 Archives by Owlchemy Labs is a tongue-in-cheek world where robots have replaced all human jobs.  Step into the ‘Job Simulator’ to learn what it was like ‘to job.’
  • Fantastic Contraption by Northway Games in collaboration with Radial Games is an exercise in imagination.  Imagine walking around a grassy island floating in the sky, building a machine the size of a horse with your own hands, and then watching it roll out into the world. 
  • Tilt Brush by Google enables you to paint life-size three-dimensional brush strokes, stars, light, and even fire. Experience painting as you have never before.

Individuals can order Vive at  Priced at $799 (U.S.), Vive pre-orders began on Feb. 29th and will begin shipping on April 5. Pre-orders placed on or before April 5 come with the three-game bundle.

Vive will be available in 24 countries including the U.S., Canada, UK, Germany, France, Japan, Taiwan and China.  

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