Hottest Life Hacks to Make the Most of Your Summer

June 26, 2014

Fun, Useful Tips to Make the Most of Technology and Earn Rewards

Jennifer Jolly, Consumer Technology Journalist

(Seattle, WA, Thursday, June 26, 2014) – More than 1 million selfies are taken every day, and with the lazy days of summer there’s no better time for sun, fun and selfies at the beach. But there are other tech tips that can save you time and money that are great to add to your list of tech skills this summer.

Life Hack Tech Tips include the following Situations and Solutions:

  • Lost in a parking lot at the beach? Hold your car remote under your chin to amplify your car’s remote’s signal. It really works!
  • Cell phone battery dying and you can’t get to a charger? Turn off your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, dim your screen and disable location services to extend some precious minutes.
  • Ride the wave of summer sales by surfing in the right places to accumulate points and redeem for gift cards, magazine subscriptions, or even free gasoline for your car. With Bing Rewards, you can earn points towards redeeming these gifts by simply performing online searches that you do every day.
  • Heading to a party, the pool or your backyard and want to pump up the music from your Smartphone? Use a ceramic bowl and a cloth to amplify sounds and cut back on reverb.
  • Take the perfect summer selfie by using your ear buds without the arm reach!
  • Transform your Hoodie into a fun, relaxed boho-chic summer laptop case for easy transport to the beach, backyard, party or pool.

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