Lawsuit Abuse Hurts Small Businesses and Consumers

September 4, 2018

One California Group Highlights How Lawsuit Abuse Hurts The Economy

David Houston, Co-chair of California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse

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California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse (CALA) is joining small business owners in a campaign called “Small Business Summer” to highlight how lawsuit abuse hurts the economy.  They are speaking out during a conference of plaintiffs’ lawyers in San Francisco stressing the cost of abusive lawsuits and their impact on consumers.

David Houston, co-chair of CALA, knows firsthand how lawsuit abuse can hurt business, job creation and consumers.


EVery year, An American Family of four pays more than thirty-two-hundred dollars in what we call a “Lawsuit Tax” to cover the cost of lawsuits.  I OWN A CHAIN of Restaurants, and Businesses like mine are an easy target for abusive lawsuits. So instead of creating jobs I’M forced to spend money fighting lawyers who are looking for new ways to take advantage of small business owners.


For more information about lawsuit abuse and the campaign to stop it, visit

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