(Harrisburg, PA, Tuesday, May 12, 2020) – Pennsylvania’s election has been rescheduled for June 2 after being rescheduled from March 28 over concerns about COVID-19.

No changes to in-person voting has been announced yet.

Meanwhile All Voting is Local is working to ensure that Pennsylvanians are aware of the new no-excuse option to request a mail-in ballot.

Pennsylvania voters need to know that May 18 is the deadline to update voter registration information and May 26 is the deadline to request a mail ballot.

Voter turnout may be down compared to the 2016 primary. Voters may be left out of the process because they are not aware of when the voting has been rescheduled, how to vote using the vote by mail system or that they need to obtain a vote by mail ballot and mail it back by the June 2 deadline.

All Voting is Local Pennsylvania fights to eliminate discriminatory barriers to the ballot before Election Day. As Pennsylvania works to carry out voting reforms while rolling out new voting equipment commonwealth-wide in 2020, All Voting is Local Pennsylvania is fighting to ensure that polling places are staffed with trained poll workers and solid back-up plans in case of technology problems. They are fighting last minute polling place changes and advocating for elections officials to do more to ensure voters have the information they deserve to cast a ballot that counts. All Voting is Local Pennsylvania also works to ensure that people in jail can register and vote, as is required by law.

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