New Survey Reveals Best & Worst Travel Etiquette When Flying

September 13, 2017

74% of Travelers Are Annoyed by Passengers with Bad Body Odor or Those Who Bring Bad Smelling Food Onto a Plane

Bill Kircos, Vice President, Global Marketing and Communications, Honeywell Aerospace

(Phoenix, AZ, Wednesday, September 13, 2017) – Honeywell Aerospace, an industry leader in aviation products and services, released its 2017 summer travel survey revealing travelers’ thoughts on the best and worst travel etiquette. The study featured travel annoyances, flying goals and travel karma. According to Honeywell’s research, travelers agree that the #1 flying etiquette faux pas is putting your feet up on someone else’s seat/arm rests. However, the study also found that travelers do not consider asking someone on a date after meeting them on a flight poor travel etiquette.

Honeywell is using new technology to help travelers cope with even the worst offenders of travel etiquette:

  • Rather than suffer through having your seat kicked, you can now enjoy the welcome distraction of streaming your favorite Netflix show with global high-speed, in-flight Wi-Fi called GX Aviation powered by Honeywell’s JetWave hardware.
  • As well, don’t worry about getting caught in turbulence or bad storms when planes have Honeywell’s GoDirect Weather service. This gives pilots real-time weather data that can help reroute flight paths around bad weather to avoid turbulence, keeping passengers on schedule and enjoying a smoother ride.
  • Even if you’re stuck next to a passenger with bad body odor, Honeywell has a range of Air and Thermal Management systems to keep the cabin air fresh, so passengers don’t need to hold their nose for hours on end – even if other travelers take off their shoes or bring smelly food onto the plane.

Highlights from the survey found the following:

  • Travelers agree that the #1 flying etiquette faux pas is putting your feet up on someone else’s seat/arm rests (68%).
  • Most travelers (45%) agree that a few extra minutes in the security line is worth it if it means safer travels in response to the new TSA electronics rule.
  • Guess what travelers do not consider bad travel etiquette? Asking someone on a date after meeting them on a flight. 87% of travelers are okay with making a love connection on their travels.
  • To ensure positive travel karma, it turns out most people (61%) are least likely to offer help to a parent struggling to entertain (or calm down) a young child
  • Most travelers (74%) are annoyed by passengers with bad body odor or those who bring bad smelling food onto the plane

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