What Will YOUR Social Security be Worth?

August 20, 2014

The Social Security Administration Offers One of the Best Tools for Planning a Secure Retirement, a my Social Security Account.

Mark Hinkle, Deputy Press Officer for the Social Security Administration

(Washington D.C., Wednesday, August 20, 2014) – What’s your Someday? Perhaps Someday you want to go skydiving, enter a hot dog eating contest or ride a mechanical bull. You also may want to retire Someday.

Whether retirement seems like it’s just around the corner or years away, it’s good to know that Social Security is working for you now – even if you’re not receiving benefits yet. How? By providing you with the information you need to plan ahead for the retirement you want.

The Social Security Administration offers one of the best tools for planning a secure retirement, a my Social Security account, where workers can see estimates of their future retirement benefits, review  and verify their lifetime earnings history for accuracy, and more.  People with a my Social Security account can better plan and save with confidence.  And people who receive benefits can manage their benefits online using their account. 

  • It takes just minutes to create an account.
  • See your earnings history, benefit estimates, and more.
  • It’s free, quick, and easy.
  • Advanced security features protect your privacy.

If you are receiving Social Security retirement, disability, survivors, or other Social Security benefits, your personal, online account allows you to conveniently and instantly get your benefit verification letter, check your payment information, change your direct deposit and phone number, and more.

Even if you’re not yet receiving benefits, and no matter how far off your retirement may be, you can access your personal information online and view your Social Security Statement, which provides estimates of your future retirement, disability, and survivors benefits. You’ll see how different benefit amounts at different retirement ages can help you decide when to stop working.

Social Security benefits are not intended to be your only source of income you retire. On average, Social Security will replace about 40 percent of your annual pre-retirement earnings. You will need other savings, investments, pensions, or retirement accounts to help you reach your Someday.

Sign up for your own my Social Security account now at SocialSecurity.gov/myaccount/.

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