Non-Profit Provides “Freshman Year of College for Free”

May 7, 2018

Over 40 Online College Courses Available Tuition-Free and for Credit to Anyone Who Wants Them

Steve Klinsky, Founder and CEO, Modern States

(New York, NY, Monday, May 7, 2018)

  • ​Should college education be free? Tuition prices at colleges and universities and the relentless growth in student debt in the U.S. have fueled calls for tuition-free college education.
  • America has a comprehensive infrastructure of colleges and universities, but the problem lies with the rate at which tuition costs have escalated and a financial-aid system that hasn’t been significantly changed in the past half-century.
  • A college education is one of the largest expenses an individual is likely to make in a lifetime, and, while it will take time to resolve the systemic problems, providing multiple options to pay for and finish a degree program now is critical.
  • Modern States Education Alliance is a philanthropic effort to make a college degree more affordable and attainable for everyone. Its “Freshman Year for Free” initiative includes over 40 high-quality freshman college courses online, available tuition-free and for credit to anyone who wants them. Students can earn college credits by taking these courses that prepare them for AP (Advanced Placement) and CLEP (College Level Examination Program) exams. Modern States’ program is the first time CLEP courses taught by college professors are available and the program currently has 50K+ students enrolled in at least one course.

Modern States offers the first-ever catalog of tuition-free, high-quality courses taught by top college professors to specifically help students prepare for an AP or CLEP exam free of charge. Nearly 3,000 traditional colleges and universities offer credit to students who pass AP or CLEP tests. Also, Modern States Education Alliance will pay the College Board test fee for the first 10,000 students who complete a Modern States course and take the corresponding CLEP or AP exam.

Whether someone takes one course or enough credits to fulfill their first year requirements, Modern States is providing an on-ramp to college and an opportunity to save up to 25 percent of the rising cost of a college degree. Anyone interested in preparing for an AP or CLEP exam may take a Modern States course, including: high school students who may not have access to AP courses, high school juniors and seniors; high school graduates who can’t immediately attend college, college students, adult learners, military and their families, and veterans.

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