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August 2, 2018

Research Findings Also Highlight the Increasingly Complex Relationship with Technology and Every Day Devices

Dan Laycock, Senior Communications Manager, Microsoft

(Redmond, WA, Thursday, August 2, 2018) Starting today, Surface Go is available for purchase in the U.S. and Canada and in additional markets later this month, starting at $399. A lot has changed since Microsoft shipped its first Surface – not only in how technology and device categories have advanced, but in how work and life have blended.  Everyone has the same 24 hours, but the way each person moves through the day is different. There is less structure or expectation of the types of tasks and activities we accomplish throughout our day.

Surface devices are great for work and are proven to save you more time vs using an Apple device. According to a recent study from Prowess, people using Surface devices consistently performed tasks faster, more easily, and in fewer steps than those using Apple devices. When a 200-employee company uses Surface Pro instead of iPad Pro for teaming, they save more than 72 workdays per year. In a separate study, Forrester Consulting noted that when highly mobile workers use Microsoft 365 and a Surface Pro LTE device, they see 9 hours a week in productivity gains.

Microsoft is thinking a lot about the role of technology in this new era of productivity and about the opportunity – and responsibility – to design products that empower you, not overwhelm you. The company recently conducted research that looks at the increasingly complex relationship with technology and the devices you carry every day.

  • People are conflicted about how devices fit into daily lives. Nearly 80% of people in the research agree that technology empowers them to do more with their life and 77% say their device enables them be where they want to be, when they want to be there. This flexibility has been key in the workplace, where 75% say devices add flexibility in how they manage their job. This balance comes with a cost though. Almost 60% of respondents say their devices make them feel like they always need to be “on” and 53% suggest their device forces them to split their attention. Microsoft can help by building features like Do Not Disturb in Outlook, which helps you protect your personal time and Focus Assist in Windows, to help you focus on what matters most.
  • People are increasingly frustrated by the limitations of their tablets. While there is no denying the appeal of the lightweight portability of the tablet form factor, people also reported higher feelings of frustration associated with an inability to be productive, as compared to laptops and smartphones. When choosing between their laptop, smartphone, or tablet, tablets are reported to provide the least positive impact on people spending time on what they care about and 65% of people would give up their tablet before other devices.
  • The laptop is still the go-to device associated with productivity. More than half of Americans associate productivity with laptop – and not just for work or school, but to pursue passions and hobbies. In fact, 74% of Americans claim that their laptop makes their life better overall and report that just having a laptop with them on vacation can give peace of mind, with 64% of Americans saying they’re at ease when traveling with one.

This data reinforces the trend Microsoft has been seeing in the marketplace of 2:1 devices growing, while tablets continuing to decline.  It speaks to what Microsoft has been hearing loud and clear from you – you want your devices to enable you to feel empowered and productive throughout your increasingly complex and blended life.  At only 1.15lbs, Surface Go gives you the versatility and portability of a tablet, the performance of a laptop and the option of smartphone-like LTE connectivity, all in a single, compact device. Surface Go empowers you to stay connected, pursue your passions and tackle your side projects without weighing you down or compromising on quality.

Surface Go is available at Microsoft Stores, Best Buy and other local retailers as well as our reseller partner network.

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