Microsoft Announces New Innovations for Cars with Automotive Companies around the Globe

January 5, 2015

New Technologies Will Enhance The “Connected Car” Experience For Drivers

Caglayan Arkan, Microsoft

(Las Vegas, NV, Tuesday, January 5, 2015) – Today from the International CES show in Las Vegas, Microsoft announced multiple partnerships with automotive companies such as Volvo Cars, Nissan, Harman and IAV to enhance the “connected car” experience for drivers on the road today, in addition to innovations for the future. These companies are joining Toyota, Ford, Qoros and Delphi – companies that are already working with Microsoft on innovations for the car.

Along with Microsoft, automakers are bringing the latest technology to the car while making the safety of the driver, other commuters and pedestrians the ultimate priority. Your car is quickly becoming your companion and assistant to your digital life. It’s connected to the Internet, other cars, your mobile phone and even your home computer.

Here is a quick look at some of the news:

  • Volvo Cars will showcase how Microsoft Band 2, a Windows 10 smartphone and the Volvo on Call Universal App creates new ways for customers to interact with their vehicles. From the new Microsoft Band, a Volvo owner can press and hold the action button and say, “Volvo, start the heater of my car,” among many other options.
  • Nissan Motor Company and and Microsoft will announce that the Nissan LEAF models worldwide and European Infiniti models’ Connect Telematics system will be powered by the Microsoft Azure cloud. The system allows remote connection to the vehicle in some models, so drivers can use Web-enabled mobile phones to turn on climate control and set charging functions, even when the vehicle is powered down. 
  • Harman will announce a collaboration with Microsoft to integrate Microsoft Office 365 into Harman infotainment systems. Drivers will be able to access Office 365 services and interact with them through intelligent personal assistant software to schedule meetings, hear and respond to important emails, and make Skype calls when in park, or when on the road in autonomous vehicles.
  • IAV will stream Windows 10 via a mobile device directly to a car’s dashboard, giving drivers access to Windows 10 features and apps such as Cortana, Skype for Business, Calendar, Outlook and Groove Music while the vehicle is in autonomous driving mode or parked. 

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