Get Smart About Credit Day is Thursday, October 15

October 14, 2015

Program Aims to Raise Awareness Among Students About the Importance of Using Credit Wisely

Corey Carlisle, Senior Vice President, Bank Community Engagement, American Bankers Association

(Washington, DC, Wednesday, October 14, 2015) – The Get Smart About Credit program is a national campaign of volunteer bankers who work with students to raise awareness about the importance of using credit wisely. This year, Get Smart About Credit Day is Thursday, October 15.

Bankers from across the country will celebrate Get Smart About Credit Day by visiting classrooms across the country to present lessons on important financial obstacles facing young adults, including paying for college, building good credit habits, managing money and protecting their identity.

Carlisle will address the following questions:

  • Why is it important to talk to your kids about money?
  • How can you protect your identity, and therefore your money?
  • What are common misconceptions about credit, credit reports and credit scores?
  • What are some simple ways to help manage your money?

Credit education isn’t just about learning to manage credit cards and loans. It can also encompass budgeting, paying for college, understanding a credit report and identity protection. These lessons are critical to the success of young people, many of whom are starting their adult lives with significant student loan debt.

The Get Smart About Credit program is sponsored by the ABA Foundation. Since 1997, the ABA Foundation’s financial education programs have reached over 7.6 million young people with the help of more than 225,000 banker volunteers.

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