Enrollment and Options for Healthcare Coverage in Colorado

January 28, 2014

Enrollment for Private Insurance Continues Through March 2014

Katherine Hempstead, Team Director and Senior Program Officer

(Washington, DC, Tuesday, January 28, 2014) – Starting this year, there are new health insurance options available to millions of Americans as part of the new health reform law. Many residents in Colorado are newly eligible for Medicaid coverage or for federal subsidies to help purchase coverage on their own through the marketplace.

The deadline for open enrollment is March 31, but the sooner people review their options and pick an insurance plan, the sooner they have coverage and can get the care they need.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, a nonpartisan resource, is helping to inform residents of Colorado about their coverage options. Here are a few facts people need to know:

  • Colorado is running a “state-based health benefit exchange” which means they are running everything on their own. The state is expanding Medicaid coverage to low-income adults. 
  • Enrollment is going well in Colorado. Colorado has received some attention for keeping excellent record of enrollees’ age. Recently, coverage has cited a deluge in last-minute insurance buyers, with more than half of the nearly 52,800 people who enrolled in exchange-based plans through Dec. 31 enrolling during the last two weeks of December. The percentage of third-month target reached as of December 28 was 116 percent.
  • There is still time to enroll. People have until March 31 to buy a plan in the new health insurance marketplaces. Those who sign up by Feb. 15 will have coverage that begins March 1.
  • Regardless if people sign up on Feb. 15 or March 31, it is important to sign up sooner rather than later so you can take advantage of all the plan benefits that are covered including doctor visits, hospitalizations, prescriptions, preventive care, and more. 

For more information go to:http://connectforhealthco.com/.

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