Valentine’s Day Tip: Expedia Study Suggests Vacations Might be Key to Happy Love Life

Pleasure Index finds 41% of Americans Would Give Up Coffee for an Extra Day Off
Sarah Gavin, Expedia Travel Expert

(Bellevue, WA, Tuesday, February 11, 2014) -, the world’s largest online travel agency, is providing a sneak peek into the results of a soon to be released survey conducted on their behalf by Northstar, designed to examine the link between vacations and happiness. The 2014 Expedia Pleasure Index found that consumers link their personal happiness to vacations, with 80 percent saying vacations make them very happy.

Not only do most Americans (91 percent) agree some of their happiest memories are of their vacations, but 96 percent say vacations make them feel better both mentally and physically. In fact, there is a strong correlation between the number of vacations a person takes and their job satisfaction and satisfaction with their love life—those who take three or more vacations per year are considerably more satisfied with both, than those who take fewer than three vacations or none at all.

Among vacationers who take any vacations in a typical year with their spouse or partner, “pleasure” is taken literally: 93 percent report being at least somewhat likely to be intimate, up from 88 percent last year. Forty-eight percent say they’re more intimate while on vacation than at home--perhaps explaining why those who vacation at least three times per year report considerably greater satisfaction with their love lives.

Expedia’s Pleasure Index also found that 82 percent of Americans agree they get more pleasure out of vacations than possessions. In fact, 94 percent say they would go a week without some of life’s pleasures in exchange for just one extra day of vacation—high heels, video games, alcohol and chocolate were among the items people would be willing to give up. Forty-one percent would go without coffee for a week, 35 percent their cell phone and 30 percent would go without sex (with women being more willing to give up sex than men).

The average American takes three vacations per year. But, over half (52 percent) of those who take at least one vacation per year do not typically go for more than four nights. In fact 71 percent of Americans who have taken a vacation have never vacationed more than 14 days at one time and almost one-third (31 percent) have never taken a vacation longer  than seven days. Those who have been on a vacation in the past year show lower stress levels than those who haven’t been on a vacation in over a year.  Further, those who have been on a vacation in the past 12 months show more satisfaction with their job and their love life than those who haven’t been on a vacation in over a year, suggesting it is better to go on shorter, less expensive getaways than not go at all.

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