Top Tax Expert Offers Tips on How to Deal with New Tax Laws, How They Apply, Tax Breaks, Deductions and Common Filing Errors

The EY Tax Guide 2016 is a Great Resource for Taxpayers to Stay Aware of the Issues and Plan Accordingly

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Video: Gregory A. Rosica, Contributing Author to the EY Tax Guide 2016 and Tax Partner, Ernst & Young LLP

(Washington, D.C., Tuesday, March 29, 2016) - With the federal tax filing deadline just a few weeks away, it is essential to educate yourself on how the latest laws will affect your tax and financial situation. Every IRS change affects somebody, whether its income earners or investors, students or retirees, renters or lessors, business owners or partners, charity workers or leading philanthropists.

With the tax landscape continuing to change every year, it’s important for taxpayers to stay aware of the issues and plan accordingly.

Greg Rosica is a tax partner in Ernst & Young’s Personal Tax Services.  In the video, Greg answers:

  • What do taxpayers need to know about the recent tax law changes?
  • What steps can taxpayers take now that can make tax filing easier?
  • How do taxpayers deal with items such as the tax treatment of mutual funds?
  • How does the Affordable Care Act impact taxpayers this year?
  • What are the most common tax-filing errors and overlooked tax deductions?
  • Are fantasy sports winnings taxable?
  • Are there tax issues when you renting out your home?

Greg Rosica is a tax partner in Ernst & Young’s Personal Tax Services and leads the Southeast Area Private Client Services practice.  With over eighteen years of experience, he provides clients with holistic wealth planning which integrates Family Wealth Planning, Tax and Personal Financial Planning.  

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