#GivingTuesday - Goodwill Partners with Retailers to Provide Online Shoppers a New and Convenient Way to Donate

Goodwill’s New Give Back Box Makes It Possible to Donate Clothing and Household Items Directly from Home
Michael Meyer, Vice President, Goodwill Industries International

(Rockville, MD, Tuesday, December 1, 2015) - This Cyber Monday, Goodwill and its retail partners are joining forces to provide online consumers with a new and convenient way to donate to Goodwill and create jobs in local communities across the United States. A new tool, Give Back Box, makes it possible to donate to Goodwill from the convenience of your own home.

Consumers who shop online with Goodwill’s retail partners can now reuse their shipping boxes, attach a pre-paid shipping label downloaded at www.goodwill.org/givebackbox and send clothing and household items they no longer need directly to Goodwill. This easy solution enables Goodwill to help people find work and strengthen their families, while promoting a healthier environment by keeping cardboard boxes used to ship online orders out of community landfills.

More than 10 million boxes are shipped daily from retailers to consumers. That rate is growing at approximately 17 percent per year according to UPS annual reports. During the holiday season, the number of boxes surges. Last year, FedEx delivered about 290 million shipments between Black Friday and Christmas Eve, and UPS delivered 585 million packages in December alone.

Goodwill and its retail partners are teaming up to extend the life of boxes and goods by enabling consumers to practice reuse.  An average of $7,000 worth of unused items is stashed away in every U.S. household. (NPD research study, 2011). And most importantly, this collaborative effort ensures that every box of donations returned to Goodwill will create real change for people in communities across America. 

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