Communities In Schools Selects Growth & Impact Communities

Nation’s Largest Dropout Prevention Organization Identifies 10 Affiliates for National Recognition and Strategic Growth Investments
Jane Mentzinger, Executive Director, Communities In Schools of Chicago

(Arlington, VA, Thursday, September 22, 2016) - Communities In Schools (CIS), the nation’s largest dropout prevention organization has announced that 10 of its affiliates will be designated as Growth & Impact Communities, allowing them to receive strategic investments from the national office for research, practice and growth.

Three Impact Communities, CIS of Charleston, CIS of San Antonio and CIS of Charlotte-Mecklenburg, were selected for being models of excellence in how they serve the needs of student who may be at greater risk for dropping out. They will be used as research centers to help pilot new initiatives and conduct studies showing how their effective use of Integrated Student Supports (wraparound services) helps students stay in school and graduate.  

Seven CIS affiliates were selected to be Growth Communities and will receive strategic investments and technical assistance from the national office to expand to as many as 10 more schools throughout their communities. They include:

  • CIS of Houston
  • CIS of Northwest Michigan
  • CIS of Chicago
  • CIS of Benton-Franklin, WA
  • CIS of Mid-America – serving Kansas City, MO
  • CIS of Indiana
  • CIS of North Carolina- serving Rocky Mount, NC

Communities In Schools (CIS) plays an important role in supporting students and families in approximately 2,300 schools across the United States.  CIS site coordinators add value to schools by giving one-on-one attention to low-income students, bringing community resources into the school, addressing the needs of students and their families.

 Additionally, with the passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), the federal government highlighted the need for Integrated Student Supports (ISS) – the type of evidence-based program that CIS provides – and encouraged local education officials to consider using ISS when addressing student needs. Under this law, schools can get funding to provide a wide variety of interventions for vulnerable students: mentors, tutors, healthcare, counseling, after-school programs and much more.

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