Young Local Elected Officials From Across the Country to Participate in the "March For Our Lives"

On Saturday, March 24, the "March For Our Lives" will Take Place On the Streets of Washington, D.C. and Across the Country
Crisanta Duran, Speaker of the House, CO (Will be marching in Denver)

(Denver, CO, Friday, March 23, 2018) - On Saturday, March 24, the March For Our Lives will take place on the streets of Washington, D.C. and across the country to demand that the lives and safety of children become a priority and that gun violence and mass shootings in our schools come to an end.

Participating in the March For Our Lives will be America’s Cabinet, a non-partisan group of young local elected officials educating and informing the general public about what Washington should be doing now to support communities across America and offering a positive vision for how America can live up to its promise.

As local elected leaders, members of America’s Cabinet see how national issues and policy choices impact our communities at the local level in large and small ways. They are currently serving as elected officials in cities and states across the nation. They are advocates for a new vision of what is possible in this country and for building a country that affords everyone the opportunity to thrive.

America’s Cabinet was created to go beyond voicing opposition to harmful policies coming out of Washington today and to ensure that we create a nation that works for all Americans. Our nation is at a critical crossroad and America’s Cabinet is here to offer bold policy recommendations tackling issues that impact everyday Americans. At a time when key parts of our democracy – from the freedom of the press to the judiciary – are under threat, we need state and local leaders to defend our sacred institutions and our founding traditions.

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