March Madness Slam Dunk!

Bing Teams Up with the NCAA as Official Bracket Data Partner
Bryan Saftler, Senior Marketing Manager, Bing

(Redmond, WA, Thursday, March 12, 2015) -
Planning on filling out a bracket for March Madness? You might want to check the odds. It’s estimated that each person has just a 1 in 9.2 quintillion chance of getting theirs 100% correct. This year, Bing is trying to change that. Partnering with the NCAA, Bing has collected a decade's worth of exclusive data and analyzed it through their algorithms to identify key trends from winning teams.

Bing’s Bracket Builder comes equipped with three features to enhance the tournament and help fans make their picks with confidence. Bing Predicts crunches years of data alongside social signals to pick winners and forecast upsets. Use it with the Intelligent Bracket Builder to fill out as many brackets as you like, then share them with your friends or compete with other Bing users to win great prizes. Then, keep up to date throughout the tournament with Information in Snapshot, which brings news, scores, images, and video together all in one easy-to-search place.

Bing offers serious hoops fans and casual watchers alike the ability to leverage Bing’s knowledge for bracket success. This unique partnership between the search engine and the NCAA allows anyone to hold big data in the palm of their hand. From Selection Sunday through the championship game, Bing’s Bracket Builder provides a rich and rewarding NCAA tournament experience.

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