Bill Gates Announces the Mosquito Wars Campaign

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has Partnered with World Vision to Distribute 100,000 Malaria Bed Nets to Families in a Region in Mozambique
Bill Gates, Co-chair, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

(Seattle, WA, Tuesday, August 15, 2017) - This October marks a decade since Bill and Melinda Gates first called for eradicating malaria. Since the disease’s peak in the early 2000s there has been a reduction of 50 percent – translating to hundreds of thousands of lives saved. Bill Gates gives credit to an unprecedented scale-up in global commitment and cooperation. Malaria funding rose by 1,000 percent from 2000 to 2015. This money fueled a number of amazing scientific breakthroughs and focused more brainpower on improving both control and treatment efforts.

In the war against malaria and the mosquitos who carry it, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are fighting on every front, and supporting the development of a wide array of innovations.

The new tools in the development pipeline will play a huge role in reaching the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s goal of eradicating malaria. While we are still decades away from wiping malaria off the map for good, one thing is clear: the mosquito has met its match.

For the Mosquito Wars campaign, Bill Gates has partnered with World Vision to distribute 100,000 bed nets to families from Inhambane province – a region in Mozambique where many people still sleep without nets and malaria is a big threat. All listeners have to do is read an article on and answer a one-question quiz. Once listeners complete the tasks, Bill will distribute a bed net to a family in need via World Vision.

To learn about Malaria and get the Gates Foundation to donate a bed net on your behalf, visit

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