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This Annual Event in Boston Aims to Ignite a New Generation of Visionary, Data-driven Marketers
Mel Robbins, Host of &THEN

(Boston, MA, Friday, September 25, 2015) - The Direct Marketing Association has reimagined this year’s annual event to ignite a new generation of visionary, data-driven marketers, and is now called &THEN. &THEN features a powerhouse lineup of thought leaders from top global brands including Google, Facebook, MasterCard, Dunkin Donuts and more. This is a one-of-a-kind immersive learning and networking opportunity for cutting-edge marketing professionals, and they knew Mel Robbins was the ideal host. She’s poised to infuse the 2.5-day program with her hard-hitting analysis and on-point inspiration.

The event is Sunday, October 4th through Tuesday October 6th 2015.

Mel Robbins brings her signature in-your-face opinions and insightful arguments to audiences around the globe as Founder of, regular CNN contributor, motivational speaker, and syndicated talk show radio host. She has a keen understanding of the psychology behind sales, motivation, productivity, and leadership that translate perfectly to an event all about marketing.

Robbins’ TED Talk on the Brain and Motivation has over half a million views and her bestselling book on managing change and increasing productivity, “Stop Saying You’re Fine,” propelled her to global recognition with a worldwide following. Her experience as a public defender in New York City and corporate litigator for DuPont launched Robbins into executive coaching for leading global brands such as Google, Johnson & Johnson, Wells Fargo, and Apple.


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