In honor of National Financial Literacy Month, the American Bankers Association is organizing banker volunteers around the country to teach children how to become life-long savers. Nearly 10,000 bankers are participating in all...

April 2013 | Location: National | Category: Advocacy/Community Affairs, Business, Consumer News, Education, Finance

Study shows couples who reported disagreeing about money once a week were roughly 30% more likely to get divorced than couples who said they disagreed just a few times per month.

February 2013 | Location: National | Category: Consumer News, Education, Finance

The U.S. ranks 23rd among developed nations in the number of science and engineering graduates according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. Meanwhile, American job growth in science, technology,...

November 2012 | Location: National | Category: Education

4-H Leads the Nation in Generating Youth Interest in Science Education and Careers

October 2012 | Location: National | Category: Education

Pentagon Withholds Funds to Deploy Innovative Missile Defense Project JLENS that Could Help Protect Our Interests in the Region

October 2012 | Location: National | Category: Education

New Book from Os Guinness Warns of American Freedom Lost

September 2012 | Location: National | Category: Education

National Adoption Day 2012 is Saturday, November 17. It's a day when more than 400 community events are held across the United States to finalize the adoptions of children in foster care, and to celebrate adoptive families.

November 2011 | Location: National | Category: Education


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