DAV Offers Five Priorities the New President Must Address for the Nation’s Veterans

Now That the Election Is Over, It Will Be Time to Turn Campaign Rhetoric into Action for Our Veterans
Joy J. Ilem, National Legislative Director, DAV

(Washington, DC, Thursday, November 10, 2016) - Every year, DAV assists more than one million veterans in positive, life-changing ways by helping them access benefits they have earned through their military service, like health care, education and disability compensation, and connecting them to meaningful employment opportunities. With nearly 1,300 chapters across the country, DAV provides a national support network for veterans and their families.

This election season has shined a spotlight on the significant issues facing many of the men and women who served in the armed forces. Now that the election is over, it will be time to turn campaign rhetoric into action for America’s veterans.

Five priorities the new president must address for our nation’s veterans include:

1.       Ensuring veterans have access to high quality and timely health care;

2.      Taking care of those who care for veterans—caregivers—and the unfairness of current laws that don’t afford veterans of past service eras access to needed caregiver benefits;

3.       Ensuring women veterans have access to equitable health care services and benefits;

4.       Helping veterans find meaningful employment; and

5.      Providing timely and effective mental health services for veterans, especially war veterans or veterans who have experienced trauma; these services are essential to effective suicide prevention efforts.

DAV also talks about what the House and Senate have to get done during the lame duck session of Congress that begins next week, including specific legislation that must be passed and signed before the end of the year. 

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