Bing Reveals the Top Searches of 2016

Top Searches of 2016 Reveal What Tugged at our Heart Strings, Made Us Laugh and New Trends
Emily Pearce, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Bing, Microsoft

(Redmond, WA, Tuesday, December 13, 2016) – Looking back at the billions of searches conducted on Bing this year, they reveal powerful moments that stood out above the rest to make 2016 memorable. Bing’s Top Searches of 2016 remind us of stories that tugged at our heart strings, to memes that made us LOL and new trends that took us by storm. We spent 2016 searching for what we loved and piqued our interest. Discover the moments you may have missed with Bing’s Top Searches:

  • Top Searched Feel Good Stories of 2016
  • People We Lost in 2016
  • Top Searched Olympians in 2016
  • Top Searched Celebrities of 2016
  • Top Anticipated Cars of 2017
  • Most Searched Viral Moments of 2016
  • Top Searched Video Games of 2016
  • Top Searched Strange But True Stories of 2016
  • Top Searched Tech Trends of 2016
  • Top Searched Web Creators of 2016
  • Most Searched Animated TV Shows of 2016
  • Top Anticipated Movies of 2017

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