America’s Infrastructure Grades Remain Near Failing; D+ Grade Shows Greater Need for Investment, Infrastructure Built for the Future (VIDEO)

American Society of Civil Engineers Calls For Increased Investment, Bold Leadership, and Strategic Planning to Improve Infrastructure Grades Nationally


Norma Jean Mattei, PH.D., P.E., President, American Society of Civil Engineers

(Reston, VA, Friday, March 10, 2017) - Our nation is at a crossroads. Deteriorating infrastructure is impeding our ability to compete in the thriving global economy, and improvements are necessary to ensure our country is built for the future. The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) has released its new Infrastructure Report Card, grading our nation’s infrastructure as a whole, as well as offer state-specific statistics. 

Every four years, America’s civil engineers provide this comprehensive assessment of the nation’s 16 major infrastructure categories. Using a simple A to F school report card format, the Report Card examines current infrastructure conditions and needs, assigning grades and making recommendations to raise them.

Our nation’s infrastructure challenges are significant but solvable. Through strategic, sustained investment, bold leadership, comprehensive planning, and careful preparation for the needs of the future, America’s infrastructure will be improved and restored.

While we have made some repairs, reversing the trajectory after decades of underinvestment in our infrastructure requires transformative action. Now is the time to renew, modernize, and invest in our infrastructure. The longer we wait, the more it will cost, as evident from the widening investment gap and increasing infrastructure disruptions and delays in Americans’ daily lives. We must commit today to realize an American infrastructure system that secures our nation’s shared prosperity.

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